Horrified MPs

Keith Vaz

"Horrified MPs have called in police after receiving information that a top Labour politician is a paedophile who preys on young boys"

–David Wooding and Michael Hamilton in the Sun on Sunday [17 July 2015].

"It is widely known around Westminster that [Keith] Vaz...was the unidentified MP in [that Sun on Sunday] front page [of 17 July]"

Sun on Sunday columnist and Westminster insider Paul Staines [blog, 4 September 2016].

  1. "There was another story about him intervening to stop a man [Nigel Philpot-Jones] who was running a male brothel from being evicted over rent arrears" (see Police to probe Keith Vaz's 'links to a rent boy brothel boss' and claims the MP stopped a council from evicting him 25 years ago)
  2. "I was told that as far back as ten years ago, he was having young boys delivered to a hotel just a few hundred yards from a local police headquarters."
  3. "The final straw came when I heard about his alleged involvement with two youngsters at a mental health centre. They are about 17 now and one is in fear of his life."

–The 'Keith Vaz allegations' of a Conservative MP, as quoted in the Sun on Sunday report.


  • 2015-2016    Keith Vaz is under scrutiny by Leicestershire police in relation to "allegations of very serious criminal activities" involving abuse of public office, with several witnesses reportedly interviewed. Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen writes to House of Commons Speaker John Bercow (September 2015), asking him to make enquiries. Mr Bercow dismisses Mr Bridgen's concerns and warns him not to raise them in Parliament, writing: "[It] would be inappropriate for you to make allegations of this nature against a colleague on the floor of the House". Separately, Mr Bercow intervenes to cut off Mr Bridgen when the Conservative, speaking on the floor of the House, tries to inform Members of Parliament about police looking into Mr Vaz.
  • 1982-1985            Keith Vaz and Margaret Hodge are colleagues at Islington Council where Vaz is senior solicitor and Hodge has oversight of the borough's children's homes. Every one of Islington's children's homes is linked by London's Evening Standard to child sexual abuse, some of which is significantly coordinated and linked to cross-jurisdictional child sex trafficking.
  • 1991            Keith Vaz fulsomely defends his political mentor and friend Greville Janner in the House of Commons. Praising his friend as a "great survivor", Mr Vaz then argues that anyone accused of child sexual abuse during a court case should be granted anonymity. Mr Vaz's effusive declaration of support for his friend is instrumental in bringing to a halt journalist Jay Rayner's investigations of Janner's alleged child sex crimes.
  • 1992       Keith Vaz is a patron of the African, Caribbean and Asian Lawyers Group with parliamentary colleague Lord Pitt of Hampstead, the Times reports. Alleged child rapist and procurer Derek Laud, linked in the alternative Press to paedophile parties in Dolphin Square (see also here ) -- was the late Lord Pitt's parliamentary research assistant and nephew, it is said.
  • 2009       Keith Vaz, long-standing close friend of Stephen Purdew, attends Mr Purdew's wedding. Another of the businessman's closest friends, and also attending their friend's celebration, is notorious paedophile and suspected child trafficker Sir Jimmy Savile.
  • 2013-2016            Keith Vaz MP's guest is Cllr Robert Davis (Tory on Westminster City Council) at a reception at 10 Downing Street [10 September 2013]. The following February Mr Vaz is joined by Davis and Lord Boateng among others at the Asian Voice Annual Political Awards ceremony. Cllr Davis attends a reception of the Sir Simon Milton Foundation at Speakers House, hosted by Mr Vaz, on 10 November 2014. Councillors Davis and Milton attended paedophile parties at Dolphin Square, the alternative Press reported at the time [see entry for 1992]. Messrs Vaz, Davis and Milton attended the same Cambridge college (Gonville and Caius).
  • 2015        Keith Vaz sits with Lord Boateng on the National Security Strategy Committee. Police wanted to speak to Boateng in 1998 "about alleged links with a paedophile children's home boss", according to March 2016 Press reports.
  • 2015       Keith Vaz publishes the names of victims of historical child sexual abuse on the home affairs select committee website. "Since this information was published the individuals have received death threats," says Lisa Duckworth of the Survivors Alliance. Mr Vaz fatuously insists the names of the women subject to his Internet outing "were already in the public domain".

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